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Your #1 HIRING partner

As Warren Buffet says: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

We believe working happily is the only way to work. We’ve made it our mission to help people find fulfilling jobs, and companies build happy, productive teams.

Our goal isn’t to be just another agency out there. It’s our mission to be your partner and grow your business. You may have everything in place, but it still has to be the right fit.

Yes, you may have a team that does a great job filling your open positions, or you may even do a great job of filling the jobs yourself — but how long does it take? Time is money, and every minute you spend posting jobs, searching job boards and social media sites, screening, interviewing and selling talent on working with your company, you could be completing some other task that directly affects your company’s bottom line. That’s where we come in! Who are we? Your #1 Hiring Partner! Our team does all of the work for you, so all you have to do is conduct the final round of interviews and make the hire. Our Talent Is Finding Yours. We offer a variety of hiring options to service your needs including:

Temp | Contract | Travel Nurse | Locum Tenens Staffing | Interim Nurse Leadership Staffing | Allied Health Staffing | School Health Staffing | Permanent/Direct Hire Placement.

We invite you to discover what makes First Health Pro one of the leading medical staffing agencies in the nation.

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We help you find and keep
the right talent

CANDIDATE SOURCING: We attract, search and find top healthcare talent nationwide.

CANDIDATE PIPELINING: We build profiles and solid relationships with top healthcare talent.

SCREENING: We conduct all of the upfront interviews to determine which candidates should make the final interview slate, evaluating technical skills, personality, cognitive skills, and overall fit.

CANDIDATE MATCHING: Once we’ve identified the right fit —it’s time to make the match!

EMPLOYER HIRING SUPPORT: Time is money! Allow us to save you lots of time and lots of money by letting us do the work for you. Our Talent Is Finding Yours —We have the talent you’re looking for.

CANDIDATE JOB SEARCH SUPPORT: You don’t have to talk to a thousand recruiters or even go on a massive online search to find your next opportunity. We have the opportunity you’re looking for right here!

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